Hard To Believe, But Cats Can Be Excellent Babysitters, And Here’s The Cutest Proof

Purring fellows are notoriously known for lazying and bossing around, but if they could talk, they would show the rebuttal to that stigma. In fact, in contrast to most concepts, these meowing guys are willing to do jobs for catnip paid. They can be the best assistants and companions we could find.

Talking about babysitting, the job requires patience, carefulness, responsibility, and love. Most babysitters are female because they are gentle and have a maternal instinct. Felines are blessed with softness like silk and the warmest kindness that can devote to their hoomans’ tiny younglings.

Without any further ado, let your heart melt with these precious moments of cats befriending infants and toddlers!

#1. Both are rays of sunlight

Source: tysonscatworld

#2. “Just Miss Mustard Babysitting Our Infant”

Source: chikibunbie

#3. “This little hooman’s safety is my duty”

Source: pavlova.the.siberian

#4. “My Kid And Cat This Morning”

Source: dryhuot23

#5. Aww~

Source: sesamix_high

Source: tinyau_meow

#7. Can’t be more affectionate

Source: internet

#8. “The Cutie’s Babysitter. Our Little Neo”

Source: neo_n_louis

#9. “Your Shift Now”

#10. “Our Baby Sitters Utilizing The Surround And Protect Strategy”

Source: fifa71086

#11. Babysitter Ding: “Although My Younger Brother Pinched Me Secretly, I Still Act Like A Baby With Him. Am I A Good-Tempered Meow?”

Source: mumu_dingding

#12. Rain Watching With Didi

Source: pockyhkcat

#13. “Cat Snugging My Wife’s Pregnant Belly. He Was Rubbing His Face On Her Belly All Evening. (Went To The Doctor Today, The Baby Could Arrive Any Day Now)”

Source: PlaymakerJavi

#14. Hush, little baby is sleeping

Source: _psylosin_

#15. Before Going To School

Source: yujin__j

#16. “I Rescued Nuka And She’s Helped Nanny My Babies For 9 Years”

Source: TheTiniestGhoul

#17. “Daisy Is The Best Big Sister. Daisy Purrs On Her Head Until She Falls Asleep”

Source: ktnriquez

#18. “Everything the light touches…”

Source: hailey.meow

#19. “Out there, hoomans are numerous, but this one is mine”

Source: Lux_503

#20. “Rin-Chan, Who Has Been Watching Over My Son’s Growth Since He Was Born, Thank You”

Source: mikeneko.rinchan

Source: catskillmountainsclowder

#22. They both move a lot while sleeping

Source: singhaandpaws

#23. “Hi, tiny, I’m Purry Poppins!”

Source: ClydeSmithy

#24. Baby, His Cat, And A Squirrel

Source: bucky716

#25. “My Son Has Learned A Lot From His Babysitter”

Source: CatVideoFest

#26. “My Wife Just Sent Me This Picture Of Our Daughter And Cat. I’m Crying At Work”

Source: m1le_B

#27. “My Baby Is My Cat’s Most Favorite Human”

Source: Suspicious_Peach_528

#28. “My 1.5-Year-Old Son And 14-Year-Old Cat Had A Moment This Morning”

Source: mgrave22

Source: Hoot2687

#30. “My Twin Cats Meeting Their New Baby Brother”

Source: Grodeur

#31. She has been claimed

Source: reddit

#32. Oh, my heart!!!!

Source: compootering

#33. “My Son Has Loved My Cat Since The Day He Was Born. She Tolerates That Love In A Way I Never Thought Possible”

Source: Queen_trash_mouth

If you have a similar idea of hiring a purry nanny, please consult the vet to make sure your furballs are suitable and their health conditions checked! Before you do that, don’t forget to like, share this charming gallery and leave your comment below! Then, come back to our upcoming posts when you like to read more interesting ones!

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