Cat Survived the Fire and was Adopted by the Vet

What a little sweetheart. Glad to know her vet was kind enough to adopt her

On May 2, a large-scale out in Las Vegas, the cause of which is unknown, but the consequences of the were enormous.

In their efforts to save lives and property, the Rescue Force rescued a 4-week-old kitten that was still alive from a bu.rning trash can and took it directly to the Animal Foundation, where there are many [vi.ctims trea.ted] here. Volunteers and veterinarians assisted in tre.ating her wo.unds and in.ju.ries.

Volunteers and doctors worked tirelessly to save this po.or kitten!

Savannah, the kitten, was in poor health; the kitten’s paws were bu.r.n.ed, as were its whiskers and fur; they gave the kitten pa.inki.llers and bandaged her paws, as well as placed her in an incubator to keep her warm.

Perhaps, as a result of the kindness of these people, the kitten has gradually recovered!

According to Kelsey Pizzi, Communications Director at Animal Foundation, they found a foster home for the kitten 30 minutes after it arrived at the shelter. Fortunately, the kitten was adopted by a veterinarian named Alex Reyes – the same veterinarian who tre.a.ted Savannah’s bu.rns!

He falls in love with this special kitten and decides to adopt her! She is currently enjoying a wonderful life with Reyes!

Although the kitten has been through a lot, it is wonderful that she has received so much love from her new father. What a happy ending!

Thank you for helping tis cute kitty, looks like she was bu.rned ba.d, and adopting her too…!

Bless her precious little heart… glad she has a good home.

Bless the vet who cared for her and adopted her to give her a safe and loving forever home !

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